Free Single Session Seminars For 2016!!

A2015 was a great year for ATS in Columbia!!  As part of our desire to grow within the community, ATS is providing free seminars on decluttering and organization to any interested groups.

We do this for several reasons.  Organic growth in the community, building relationships and helping people grow beyond their stuff are just a few of them.  Although we focus on helping seniors transition, we also want to help as many people as we can learn to see that life is a constant path forward and to not get stuck in a moment or series of moments. There is a lot more to the stuff than just the physical.  Part of this seminar is to promote healing and provide a launching pad for moving forward.

Below are some testimonial quotes from people who have attended past seminars.

“This seminar opened my eyes! Ben related to all the participants in a gentle way to help us face some areas of our lives where we hung on to clutter from year to year.” -Claudette H.

“This has motivated me to let go of many things I don’t need.  I’ve also stopped buying things I really don’t need. We are streamlining! It really helped to talk about why we hold on to things. Thank You!” – Name not given

“Got me started to clean out and up my house!  Made me think about if I needed something or just had it. House becoming more organized and easier to clean!” – Susan H.

“This seminar has been a real blessing for me.  First I needed the motivation, then constructive ways of getting started and doing it. Now I feel I can move on with my life, I’m not stuck, “chink a chink” Ben is perfectly suited to this type of work.” – Lois J.

“It inspired me to think about why I was keeping some items and getting past the “sentimental” attachment.” – Betty P.

“Made me think about time wasted searching through unorganized “stuff”.  Motivated me to apply a more “critical” eye toward my “stuff” and then to get it more organized and to eliminate some of my unneeded “stuff”.”   — “Great class. Ben was a superior seminar leader.” – David C.

“It has really made (me) think about what I should keep in my home and what I should get rid of.  I have learned that less is more in my life – in more ways than one.” – Sandra W.

So, whether you’re a senior community, adult daycare center, Sunday school, home school, PTA, neighborhood HOA or any other kind of group, if you are interested in having Ben out for a free seminar, don’t hesitate to call at (803) 599-6631.

Here is to a wonderful and joy filled 2016!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!