The CARES Program

What we do

CARES – Caring Angels Relocating Exceptional Seniors

The CARES Process includes:

  • Step 1: First Scope – Scheduling a Consultation
    • In order to better understand your needs, we begin with a face-to-face meeting. We value relationships and what better way to get to know you than to meet you and your family!
  • Step 2: Assembling the Plan
    • We develop a personalized layout of your new home based on the floorplan provided to determine how to make the best use of your possessions
    • We sort and inventory your possessions and help you make the best decisions on what will fit in your new home balancing practicality and sentimentality
  • Step 3: Preparing for the Move
    • Once you decide on what will go to your new home, we work with you and your family to schedule your move
    • We then professionally pack your belongings for the move
    • Using our preferred moving company, we will be there for both the pick-up and the drop-off
  • Step 4: Settling in Post Move
    • Once the moving truck departs, and your furniture is in place, we unpack your belongings and get you settled the same day by setting up your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and closets ensuring a smooth transition
  • Step 5: Second Scope
    • After the move, we help with everything that’s left by evaluating the inventory left in the home and work with you to determine the next course of action
  • Step 6: Keep / Distribute / Sell / Donate / Toss
    • We help you get possessions into new hands through delivery of goods to other family members and friends, various recoupment services such as estate sales, eBay, craigslist, yard sales, etc… followed by handling any and all donations to either a charity of your choice or to our preferred charity.  In some cases, we may keep some items in the house to assist with staging, but most of the time, the house is left empty
  • Step 7: Final Scope
    • This is the final step in the process beginning with an inspection of the property
  • Step 8: Inspect / Repair / List
    • After all of the material goods have been taken care of, we then manage all of the services necessary to get the home ready for listing
    • We get your house inspected, determine what needs to be fixed, bring in service providers from our Preferred Vendor list to determine costs, build an estimate for the total scope of work, make the repairs and then bring in a cleaning service to do a final deep clean and a visit from our landscaping company to beautify the property.  For any preferred vendor whose services are necessary, you receive a 10% discount from each vendor for the work provided
    • Once that is complete, your home is ready to list.  We have relationships with appraisers and listing agents to complete the process and get your house on the market